Animal Welfare in Development Cooperation

Guidelines for Animal Welfare in Development Cooperation


Within its programme Animal Welfare in Development Cooperation WTS did an extensive research on the practice of handling animal welfare issues among German NGOs supporting agricultural projects in the Global South in 2019. In the following years WTS also assessed various development projects funded by international NGOs involving animals on the ground which showed a range of issues related to the lack of animal welfare, however no rules or regulations with regard to these issues in place. 

In the conception of the following guidelines, it was recognised that development cooperation projects involving animals should also include animal welfare in their design and implementation. The implementation, coupled with reliable monitoring and evaluation systems, will support NGOs towards better animal welfare, and thus will improve livelihoods of the local communities through food security, food safety and One Health alike.


WTS envisions the adoption of these guidelines by relevant international and local NGOs until 2025, in order to actively foster good animal welfare practice during the design and implementation of development cooperation projects involving animals.

By 2030, more than 50% of European NGOs with projects on the African continent will have positively regarded this initiative and adopted the use of these guidelines. They will have strengthened their capacities to ensure that their projects propagate good animal welfare practice and have a sustainable impact among their target communities.

WTS introduced the guidelines at the Africa Animal Welfare Conference 2022 in Gaborone, Botswana. Following, a steering committee and task forces will be founded to support NGO in implementing the guidelines.


The Guidelines for Animal Welfare in Development Cooperation are available to download for free HERE.

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The guidelines have been developed by Dr Ssuna Paul within the WTS programme Animal Welfare in Development Cooperation.

For more information please contact Dr Ssuna

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