Animal Welfare Festival in Mittelrhein (Germany)

The animal welfare festival in Mittelrhein makes it possible for many interested citizens to learn more about different aspects of animal welfare through stalls, activities and informative material. In May 2018 the founder, Nadine Pietzko, and her colleagues were pleased to welcome twice as many visitors as in the previous year to  the WTS funded animal welfare festival.

More than 60 exhibitors informed people about their animal welfare work: species-appropriate animal husbandry, protection of wild animals, insects in our ecosystem, animals in circuses and zoos and many other relevant animal welfare topics. The stalls covered various topics ranging from turtle conservation and animal welfare of cows to animal hoarding. Other stalls informed about important topics like animals in the entertainment industry or the pollution of forests and oceans. Additionally, special video installations were used to give a better insight on each of the topics.

The cooperation project „animal-human-relations „with retirement homes, kindergartens and elementary schools was of great interest. Everyone, who still believed that vegetarian-vegan-cooking is tasteless, had the opportunity to be convinced otherwise. Next to stalls with books, healthy food and animal-friendly cosmetics or gardening products, there was also a cosy reading lounge, where adults and children were able to learn more about new publications about animals and nature. Children enjoyed having their faces painted and  all the hands-on activities.

The participating organisations used the chance to get to know each other and to exchange contacts at the festival. At the end of the day it was clear: Once again the animal welfare festival in Mittelrhein was a great success.

The friends of Tierschutzverein Mittelrhein e.V. (animal welfare association Mittelrhein) are a young non-profit association, which has made the promotion of animal welfare in Mittelrhein its mission. WTS financially supported the festival for the first time in 2018.

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